Forum Title: Soldering Delta shower valve
I installed a Delta R10000 PX Multichoice Universal Rough Valve Body with Pex crimp connections with universal outlets. I tested it after the installation and found leaks at the top outlet for the shower and at the bathtub stop on the bottom. My local plumnber advised me to use Oatey pipe compound in addition to the plumbers tape that I had used with the initial installation. I followed his advice, but the valve still leaks at the stop. Delta suggested that I take the compound off and double up on the tape. Since I've had this problem, I'd rather not take any chances and just solder the top and bottom connections closed. I've never soldered pipe before. Do you have any instructions on how to do this? Are there any other precautions? Thanks
Category: Plumber Post By: MARGARET RODRIGUEZ (Royal Oak, MI), 08/28/2016

You are either wrapping the PTFE tape the wrong direction (common) or not tightening fitting enough (also common). Wrap the tape clockwise 3x around as you are looking in to the end of the male fitting. Snug the female PEX adaptor up tight.

- VELMA MCLAUGHLIN (Waukegan, IL), 09/02/2017

stupid question. is their an arrow on that valve? or some kind of shower/ hot/ cold/ tub indicator ? is the valve ON and the shower head pluged ?

- CRYSTAL COLEMAN (Glendale, AZ), 09/03/2017

So I reinstalled the shower valve. I don't think that I had put enough plumbers tape on the threads the first time. I put more tape, and tightened the stop as tight as I could. It's not leaking any more. However, I have Sharkbite slipball valves on both the hot and cold water lines that run up to this bathroom only. I left the valves open so the water was on all night, and I could test for leaks. When I took a shower in the other bath (master bath), the water wasn't as hot. Neither was it as hot in the master bathroom faucet, or kitchen faucet. I checked the crawlspace this morning for leaks, and there were none; neither was the water heater leaking. When I shut the water off from the Sharkbite valves, the water at the faucet in the master bath, and kitchen got hot again. I'm confused as to why the water isn't as hot when I open the shutoff valves. What is causing this, and what can I do about it?

- LAURIE ESTRADA (Haltom City, TX), 09/22/2017

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