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Probably answered before, but search yielded nothing. Should I use silicone grease when replacing a diverter valve? Apply to the o-rings and a small amount on the threads to lube? Is it generally a good practice to use silicone grease on o-rings and faucet washers too? Finally, what is the difference between silicone grease and waterproof grease? Both come in similar looking containers but are clearly named differently. Thanks,
Category: Plumber Post By: CRAIG MORALES (Arcadia, CA), 05/04/2016

neoprene washers and o-rings are oil based. most stem grease is oil based. silicone is not oil based. A lot of products today are made of plastic. You should not use oil based grease or thread paste on plastic. You will see warning sign on a lot of oil based thread sealants DO NOT Use on Plastic Fittings So that said. Use your best judgment. I'm guessing the silicone cost a bit more.

- AMBER WILLIAMSON (Altamonte Springs, FL), 09/30/2017

Yes grease rubber washers on diverted . I'm not sure about the difference

- PATRICIA JOHNSON (Lynn, MA), 10/14/2017

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