Forum Title: Purwater FHT-34V water filter (Cuno)
I recently purchased a house which has a whole house water filter installed (Purwater FHT-34V). I changed the filter which looked like it hadn't been changed in years. The filter has a valve in the lid and I am looking for help in understanding how to know when the filter is in "bypass"' "off" and "filter" settings. There is a little tab on the lid which may or may not indicate the setting. When I changed the filter the little tab was over the "bypass" setting and water was leaking out so I had to shut off the main water valve to change. Just curious if anyone has had experience with these filters as I haven't been able to find any manual. Photo attached showing way I found filter housing.
Category: Plumber Post By: GEORGIA WOLFE (Conway, AR), 02/19/2017

Thank you very much for your assistance!

- ANDY FITZGERALD (Westfield, MA), 09/20/2017

The picture shows the system in bypass mode....which means water will pass thru the pipe without going thru the filter housing. Off, means, No water shall pass thru, basically becomes a shut off valve. And filter means water will pass thru the filter. Whatever that tab is pointing to is the setting it'd on. To change the filter you want it set to off, you will still get a bit of water if there's no shut off valves on the other side

- GERTRUDE SHELTON (Las Cruces, NM), 10/14/2017

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