Forum Title: Is this a drum trap
It was removed from a third floor bathroom in an old house (built in 1930). Can it simply be replaced with a modern trap system or does something special need to be done when replacing it? I ask because someone told me it was a a gravity something or other, used to provide drainage where you could not provide sufficient downward slope for water to drain, in which case he thought special measures needed to be taken to insure adequate drainage.
Category: Plumber Post By: MARY SMITH (Diamond Bar, CA), 06/19/2017

It might also be asbestos . Properly dispose

- JEAN MURPHY (Lincoln, NE), 09/11/2017

Yes it is a drum trap but the copper piping isn't from 1930. In 1930 it would have been lead.

- BOBBIE RODGERS (Vista, CA), 09/16/2017

Yes that is a drum trap. You can go back with a standard p-trap in some instances you might have to make a running p-trap

- WENDY VARGAS (San Bruno, CA), 09/20/2017

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